Sofia Ballada

Date of Birth:



170 cm


63 kg


Argentina and Italy


Middle Back


Club :

HC Sedalo , Argentina


National team

International representation:
South American Minor 2014 (Misiones, Argentina) 2nd place
South American Minor 2015 (Córdoba, Argentina) 2nd place.
South American Cadet 2016 (Paraguay) 3rd place.
South American Cadet 2017 (Paraguay) 3rd place.
Panamerican youth 2018 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 3rd place.
2018 Youth World Cup (Kielce, Poland).
Pan American Junior 2020 (Chile)
With qualification to the 2020 Junior World Cup (Romania).
B. National representation: Provincial Selection Championship -Argentino de Selección minor 2014 and 2015 (1st place both) -Argentino de Juvenile National Team 2019 (1st place)
Championships with the SEDALO Club
Since 2012 - Minor “A” National Tournament 2014 (1st place) -Minor “A” National Tournament 2015 (2nd place) medal 7 ideal -Minor “A” National Tournament 2016 (2nd place) Best player of the tournament -National Cadet Tournament "A" 2018 (7th place) -Super 4 Cadet 2016 “A” (1st place) -Super 4 Youth 2016 “A” (3rd place) -Super 4 Cadet 2017 "A" (2nd place) -Super 4 youth 2018 "A" (1st place) -Super 4 youth 2019 “A” (1st place) -Ascent again to the League of Honor year 2017 (1st place in the first tournament closing and opening) -Super 4 Ladies Honor League 2019 (classification)


Full Games

black t-shirt number 14

World Championship 2018
China - Argentina / blue t-shirt umber 14

Argentina - Slovakia
Blue t-shirt number 14